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Gianni Ferrari Turbograss 922 Photo, characteristics
Photo Gianni Ferrari Turbograss 922
trimmer Gianni Ferrari Turbograss 922 characteristics
type: self-propelled lawn mower
engine's type: front-wheel drive
displacement (cc): 898.00
fuel tank capacity (L): 30.00
width (cm): 210.00
length (cm): 99.00
height (cm): 99.00
anti-vibration system: no
number of wheels: four-wheel
presence of the engine brake: yes
diameter front wheels (cm): 36.00
diameter rear wheels (cm): 27.00
emissions grass: bagging, ago
type of grass catcher: hard
cutting height, min (mm): 25.00
cutting height, max (mm): 25.00
weight (kg): 500.00
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trimmer Gianni Ferrari

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