Nikkey МК 1750, walk-behind tractor

Nikkey МК 1750, walk-behind tractor Photo

Nikkey МК 1750 Photo

Nikkey МК 1750 walk-behind tractor description and characteristics:

typewalk-behind tractor
supported attachmentsyes
depth of cultivation (cm)18.00
width tillage, min (cm)90.00
width tillage, max (cm)90.00
type wheelspneumatic
the direction of rotation of cuttersreverse


tire size - width (inch)6.00
tire size - height (inch)12.00


engine typediesel
number of gears (forward)6.00
number of gears (back)2.00
gearboxspeed manual
presence of reverseyes
type of tractionbelt
fuel tank capacity (L)6.00
number of cyclesfour-cycle
the number of cylinders of the engine1.00

Efficiency and power consumption:

engine power (kW)6.46
engine speed (rev/min)6.00
motor power (hp)8.78

You can buy Nikkey МК 1750, walk-behind tractor in online stores

catalog: cultivator

cultivator Nikkey

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