Ornamental Plants Chestnut Vine liana, Tetrastigma

Latin name: Tetrastigma

green Indoor Plants Chestnut Vine liana, Tetrastigma Photo
green Indoor Plants Chestnut Vine liana, Tetrastigma Photo

Chestnut Vine (Tetrastigma) Photo

Indoor Plants description and characteristics:

type of stemcreeping
leaf formoval
foliage colourgreen
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant
plant typesliana
plant height (cm)higher 150 cm

cultivation, growing and care Chestnut Vine liana:

location of plantbright room, east window, western window, north window
light needspartial shade, bright ambient light
period of restyes
frequency of wateringabundant
air humiditymoist
growing complexityundemanding

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