Indoor Flowers Persian Violet herbaceous plant, Exacum

Latin name: Exacum

purple Indoor Flowers Persian Violet herbaceous plant, Exacum Photo
light blue Indoor Flowers Persian Violet herbaceous plant, Exacum Photo
light blue
white Indoor Flowers Persian Violet herbaceous plant, Exacum Photo

Persian Violet (Exacum) Photo

Indoor Plants description and characteristics:

flower colorlight blue, purple, white
timing of floweringautumn, summer
type of stemcreeping
type of flowerherbaceous plant
plant height (cm)lower 30 cm
foliage colourgreen
fragrant flowerfragrance
leaf formoval
poisonous plantnot poisonous plant

cultivation, growing and care Persian Violet herbaceous plant:

light needsbright ambient light
period of restno
growing complexityundemanding
location of planteast window, western window
air humiditymoist
frequency of wateringabundant

You can buy Persian Violet, Exacum in online stores (seed, seedlings).

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