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Ribbon Grass, Reed Canary Grass, Gardener's Garters

Tufted Hairgrass (Golden Hairgrass)

The true Bulrush

Feather Grass, Needle grass, Spear grass

Blue Lyme Grass, Sand Rye Grass

Pampas grass


Hare's Tail Grass, Bunny Tails

Eulalia, Maiden Grass, Zebra Grass, Chinese Silvergrass

Purple moor grass

Blue Fescue, Sheep's Fescue, Hard Fescue


Carex, Sedge

Chinese fountain grass, Pennisetum

Annual Beard-grass, Annual Rabbitsfoot Grass

Wormwood, Mugwort


Foxtail Millet

Common Reed

Quaking Grass

Foxtail barley, Squirrel-Tail

Lamb's ears

Broadleaf Cattail, Bulrush, Cossack Asparagus, Flags, Reed Mace, Dwarf Cattail, Graceful Cattail

Broom Corn

Spangle grass, Wild oats, Northern Sea Oats
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