Indoor Plants Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis Photo, growing and description, characteristics and cultivation

Ornamental Plants Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis

Latin name: Rhipsalidopsis

lilac Indoor Plants Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis Photo
pink Indoor Plants Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis Photo
red Indoor Plants Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis Photo
white Indoor Plants Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis Photo
orange Indoor Plants Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis Photo

Easter Cactus (Rhipsalidopsis) Photo

Indoor Plants description and characteristics:

flower colorlilac, pink, orange, red, white
timing of floweringspring
plant typeswood cactus
plant height (cm)30-50 cm
form of succulent or cactussprawling
plant colorgreen

cultivation, growing and care Easter Cactus:

light needsbright ambient light
location of cactus or succulentbright room, east window, north window
growing complexityundemanding
air humiditymoist
frequency of wateringmoderate

You can buy Easter Cactus, Rhipsalidopsis in online stores (seed, seedlings).

catalog: House Cactuses and Succulents

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