Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Delizz, best price $5.07 new 2020

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Delizz Photo, best price $5.07 new 2020

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Delizz Photo

$5.07 buy now!

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Delizz description and characteristics:

Strawberries may also be planted in containers or pyramid gardens, as an edging for flower and shrub borders or in matted beds and rows. instant sweet treats, sparking up fruit salad, triumphing in pies or homemade jam.
  • Hardy, Self Fertile
  • Homegrown Seeds Packet contains 225 seeds
  • All-America Selection national winner.
  • Instant sweet treats, sparking up fruit salad, triumphing in pies or homemade jam.
  • Compact, hardy plants produce a pleasing plethora of very sweet, conical mid-sized fruit on strong stems.

Homegrown Strawberry Seeds, 225, Organic Delizz best price $5.07 new 2020

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