Natchez Thornless Blackberry Fruit Bush Seed Pack, best price $1.77 new 2020

Natchez Thornless Blackberry Fruit Bush Seed Pack Photo, best price $1.77 new 2020

Natchez Thornless Blackberry Fruit Bush Seed Pack Photo

$1.77 buy now!

Natchez Thornless Blackberry Fruit Bush Seed Pack description and characteristics:

Comes with 30+ seeds in each pack. Comes with planting/growing instructions.
  • Harvested this year
  • Stay fresh for 2 years if stored in dry/cool location
  • Produce delicious berries
  • Easy to start and plant
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions

Natchez Thornless Blackberry Fruit Bush Seed Pack best price $1.77 new 2020

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