Kennebec Seed Potatoes, 5 lbs. (Certified), best price $13.09 new 2020

Kennebec Seed Potatoes, 5 lbs. (Certified) Photo, best price $13.09 new 2020

Kennebec Seed Potatoes, 5 lbs. (Certified) Photo

$13.09 buy now!

Kennebec Seed Potatoes, 5 lbs. (Certified) description and characteristics:

Heirloom Kennebec seed potatoes are excellent yielders and keepers. A great all-purpose potato that is perfect for home gardens. 5 lbs. of Kennebec seed potatoes will yield up to 50 lbs. to eat!
  • 5 lbs. Certified Kennebec Seed Potatoes
  • Produces high yields of large, brown skin, white flesh potatoes that make great baked potatoes.
  • 100% Non-GMO, Heirloom & Disease Free Potato Seeds
  • Yields up to 50 lbs. of fresh garden potatoes.
  • Fast and Free Shipping on all potatoes!

Kennebec Seed Potatoes, 5 lbs. (Certified) best price $13.09 new 2020

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$13.09 Kennebec Seed Potatoes, 5 lbs. (Certified)
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