50 Five-star Grape Tomato Seeds - My Secret Gardens, best price $1.80 new 2020

50 Five-star Grape Tomato Seeds - My Secret Gardens Photo, best price $1.80 new 2020

50 Five-star Grape Tomato Seeds - My Secret Gardens Photo

$1.80 buy now!

50 Five-star Grape Tomato Seeds - My Secret Gardens description and characteristics:

Five Star Grape has excellent, sweet flavor and firm, meaty texture with few seeds and little juice. Healthy plants bear high yields of bright red, 15-20 gm, crack resistant grape tomatoes.
  • 50 Seeds In Each Packet.
  • Each Packet Includes Growing Instructions.
  • Germination Rate Is 88%.
  • The Best Tasting Grape Tomato Around!
  • Disease Resistant And Crack Resistant.

50 Five-star Grape Tomato Seeds - My Secret Gardens best price $1.80 new 2020

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