Bayer Advanced 701110A 4 lb. All-In-One Rose & Flower Care, best price $29.99 new 2020

Bayer Advanced 701110A 4 lb. All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Photo, best price $29.99 new 2020

Bayer Advanced 701110A 4 lb. All-In-One Rose & Flower Care Photo

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Bayer Advanced 701110A 4 lb. All-In-One Rose & Flower Care description and characteristics:

Three systemic products in one: 1. Insect control - caterpillars, Japanese beetles, aphids and other listed pests, 2. Disease control - black spot, powdery mildew, rust and Southern blight, 3. Fertilizer - promotes strong roots and beautiful blooms. Systemic rainproof protection lasts up to six weeks. Convenient and easy to use takes the guesswork out of application. Fantastic value - treats up to 32 rose bushes. Rainproof packaging ideal for outdoor merchandising. Actives: 0.15% imidacloprid, 0.80% tebuconazole and 0.05% clothianidin. Analysis: 6-9-6.
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Bayer Advanced 701110A 4 lb. All-In-One Rose & Flower Care best price $29.99 new 2020

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