Stonysoil Seed Company Butter and Sugar Corn Seeds, best price $7.95 new 2020

Stonysoil Seed Company Butter and Sugar Corn Seeds Photo, best price $7.95 new 2020

Stonysoil Seed Company Butter and Sugar Corn Seeds Photo

$7.95 buy now!

Stonysoil Seed Company Butter and Sugar Corn Seeds description and characteristics:

This variety is a favorite of mine and my summer will never be complete without several rows of this beauty I harvest these while the grill is hot and they are cooked within mniutes of harvest
  • Packet contains 40 plus seeds handpacked with care by Stonysoil Seed Company NON GMO SEEDS
  • Outstanding corn goodness with yellow kernels interspersed with some white
  • Ultimate gourmet experiece harvesting corn from your own backyard
  • Old time favorite that has withstood test and taste of time
  • Heavy yielding , great roasted ,grilled or steamed

Stonysoil Seed Company Butter and Sugar Corn Seeds best price $7.95 new 2020

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