Park Seed Tropic Giant Hybrid Cabbage Seeds, best price $4.75 new 2020

Park Seed Tropic Giant Hybrid Cabbage Seeds Photo, best price $4.75 new 2020

Park Seed Tropic Giant Hybrid Cabbage Seeds Photo

$4.75 buy now!

Park Seed Tropic Giant Hybrid Cabbage Seeds description and characteristics:

72 days. Tropic Giant Hybrid lives up to its name with the absolute biggest heads of cabbage you will probably ever see, let alone grow! This is the one that wins prizes at state fairs and brings cries of astonishment from gardening friends. Fully one foot across and weighing around 15 pounds, these whopping heads are flattish and round, with pale green leaves well packed. Be sure to leave extra growing space between these plants, and fertilize well -- they'll need it! Unbelievable harvests for cabbage lovers!Cabbage is a cool-season crop, sown in early spring for early-summer harvest or in mid- to late summer for fall harvest. Where winters are mild, it can be sown nearly year-round, except during the hot summer months. Start indoors or direct-sow, spacing plants 2 to 2 1/2 feet apart. Before planting, prepare the soil well with fertilizer, and add a dose of ammonium nitrate about a month into the growth season. Harvest the heads when they are firm and brightly colored. Plants may form smaller side-heads after the main head is harvested. Pkt is 100 seeds.
  • Seeds Per Pack - 100
  • Biggest Cabbage You Will Ever Grow!
  • State Fair Prize Winner Every Time!
  • 15-pound Heads!
  • A Foot Wide!

Park Seed Tropic Giant Hybrid Cabbage Seeds best price $4.75 new 2020

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