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Needle Spike Rush

Sagittaria spec

Dwarf sagittaria

Sagittaria platyphylla

Sagittaria eatoni

Water crassula


Tradescantia fluminensis

Anchored water hyacinth

Eichornia diversifolia

Broadleaved Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword

Echinodorus aschersonianus

Echinodorus latifolius

Echinodorus horemanii

Japanese Moss Ball

Glandular ludwigia, Red star ludwigia

Creeping ludwigia, Narrow-leaf ludwigia

Echinodorus palaefolius

Black Amazon Sword

Pygmy chain swordplant

Melon Sword

Echinodorus mucronatum

Echinodorus Vesuvius

Radicans sword

Echinodorus angustifolius

Golden Moneywort
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