Magnolia Sugar Snap Pea Seeds - 14 Grams, best price $3.49 new 2019

Magnolia Sugar Snap Pea Seeds - 14 Grams Photo, best price $3.49 new 2019

Magnolia Sugar Snap Pea Seeds - 14 Grams Photo

$3.49 buy now!

Magnolia Sugar Snap Pea Seeds - 14 Grams description and characteristics:

70 days. Wow-a purple snap pea, tender and delicious! 'Sugar Magnolia' isn't just a famous Grateful Dead song, it is also a beautiful, fine-flavored, edible-pod pea with purple flowers. Long hypertendrils form in the place of some leaves and act as extra sturdy supports for plants, creating an airy structure that also helps prevent mildew.
  • Cool Season
  • 70 Days
  • Tender
  • Edible
  • 14 Grams

Magnolia Sugar Snap Pea Seeds - 14 Grams best price $3.49 new 2019

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