BioAdvanced 100532525 Bayer Rose & Flower Fertilizer Granules, 4 lb, best price $19.69 new 2019

BioAdvanced 100532525 Bayer Rose & Flower Fertilizer Granules, 4 lb Photo, best price $19.69 new 2019

BioAdvanced 100532525 Bayer Rose & Flower Fertilizer Granules, 4 lb Photo

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BioAdvanced 100532525 Bayer Rose & Flower Fertilizer Granules, 4 lb description and characteristics:

Bio advanced rose & flower fertilizer - see the difference in science-based solutions. Spend less time working in your yd & more time enjoying it. One application lasts 4 months! stimulates bloom & foliage growth builds & fortifies roots. Formulated with micro-nutrients & other ingredients that: revitalize & nourish the soil increase the soil's ability to retain water for improved feeding improve the soil structure & increase aeration strengthen the plant's cell walls contains: macro- & micro-nutrients, humic acid, Gypsum; 9-18-9 slow-release fertilizer. About sbm life sciencesbm develops & manufactures protection products for crops, plants & the home. We are a French family company, founded in 1994 & present in 31 countries in Europe, North America & North Africa. In the USA, we govern several brands including; Bayer advanced, natria, Dura zone, Serenade garden & bio advanced. Always listening to our customers, we constantly adapt our product offering to provide relevant solutions that respect the environment. Our respect for nature is translated in our products & in our actions.
  • Specialized nutrition to grow strong roots and big blooms

BioAdvanced 100532525 Bayer Rose & Flower Fertilizer Granules, 4 lb best price $19.69 new 2019

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