Indian Corn Seed by Stonysoil Seed Company, best price $7.95 new 2019

Indian Corn Seed by Stonysoil Seed Company Photo, best price $7.95 new 2019

Indian Corn Seed by Stonysoil Seed Company Photo

$7.95 buy now!

Indian Corn Seed by Stonysoil Seed Company description and characteristics:

Plant after all danger of frost , have a traditional native American Indian garden by growing it amongst squash and pole beans.Try grinding this into some homemade rainbow cornmeal,I never tried this yet but I am planning to this summer.
  • Packet contains 50 NON GMO HEIRLOOM SEEDS handpacked with heart and care by STONYSOIL SEED COMPANY
  • Beautiful array of colors used ornamentaly but can be ground into cornmeal or cooked into an old tradidional Indian piorridge
  • Easy to grow great in urban gardens and childrens gardens
  • Such a beautiful array of colors it reminds me of growing jewels in my own backyard
  • Can also be roasted when young

Indian Corn Seed by Stonysoil Seed Company best price $7.95 new 2019

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