All Seasons Cabbage Seeds - 500 Seeds NON-GMO, best price $1.95 new 2019

All Seasons Cabbage Seeds - 500 Seeds NON-GMO Photo, best price $1.95 new 2019

All Seasons Cabbage Seeds - 500 Seeds NON-GMO Photo

$1.95 buy now!

All Seasons Cabbage Seeds - 500 Seeds NON-GMO description and characteristics:

Plant yields very flavorful heads of cabbage. One of the most reliable, earliest and best cabbages around. Suitable for spring, summer, and fall crops.
  • 500 Seeds
  • 62 Days to Maturity
  • 85% Germination Rate

All Seasons Cabbage Seeds - 500 Seeds NON-GMO best price $1.95 new 2019

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