Savoy Cabbage seeds Ottava Heirloom Vegetable Seeds, best price $1.99 new 2019

Savoy Cabbage seeds Ottava Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Photo, best price $1.99 new 2019

Savoy Cabbage seeds Ottava Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Photo

$1.99 buy now!

Savoy Cabbage seeds Ottava Heirloom Vegetable Seeds description and characteristics:

Description : "Ukraine organic seeds" Name: Savoy Cabbage Seeds Ottava Weight : 0.5 g Number of seeds: about 100 seeds Seeds maturation: early Color: green Plant weight: up to 1.5-3 kg Suitable for growing outside and greenhouse Harvest: 110-125 days Cabboge are used fresh Seeds Longivity: about 2 years
  • Savoy Cabbage Seeds Ottava
  • about 100 seeds
  • Plant weight: up to 1.5-3 kg
  • Harvest: 110-125 days

Savoy Cabbage seeds Ottava Heirloom Vegetable Seeds best price $1.99 new 2019

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