New 500 Bull's Blood Beet Seeds - Everwilde Farms Mylar Seed Packet, best price $9.53 new 2019

New 500 Bull's Blood Beet Seeds - Everwilde Farms Mylar Seed Packet Photo, best price $9.53 new 2019

New 500 Bull's Blood Beet Seeds - Everwilde Farms Mylar Seed Packet Photo

$9.53 buy now!

New 500 Bull's Blood Beet Seeds - Everwilde Farms Mylar Seed Packet description and characteristics:

The Bull's Blood variety of beet is an old heirloom from the 1800s. The leaves of Bull's Blood Beets mature to baby greens in 35 days and their burgundy color and sweet flavor adds character to your salads! Roots of this heirloom show attractive candy striped zoning when sliced, and mature in 55 Days. The Bull's Blood beet originated in the Netherlands in 1840 from seed pioneer Kees Sahin, who developed it from the French beet "Crapaudine," the oldest known type of beet. Interestingly, Swedish law later declared that their red food coloring must only be made from this type of beet. These seeds are non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), and are also free from all Neonicotinoids. They are packaged in our superb Gold Mylar Mylar Zip Packaging, which gives the seeds the best storage possible, and allows you to reseal the bag for later use. The artwork and labels on the packet are loaded with information - many people comment that it is the most beautiful packet that they have ever seen. If you have never tried out our seeds before, this is your chance to experience something special!
  • XL Mylar Packet - Bull's Blood Beet Seeds
  • Gold Vault Mylar Zip Packet
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New 500 Bull's Blood Beet Seeds - Everwilde Farms Mylar Seed Packet best price $9.53 new 2019

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