Pisces 22 lb Midnight Pearl Aquarium Gravel, Large, best price $26.49 new 2019

Pisces 22 lb Midnight Pearl Aquarium Gravel, Large Photo, best price $26.49 new 2019

Pisces 22 lb Midnight Pearl Aquarium Gravel, Large Photo

$26.49 buy now!

Pisces 22 lb Midnight Pearl Aquarium Gravel, Large description and characteristics:

Sourced from ancient Beach deposits of new Zealand and shaped by the southern ocean's waves. Midnight pearl is naturally Round gravel has a base of black pebbles with various shades of brown and grey pebbles mixed throughout with hints of gold pebbles to give a unique dark richness to the color. This pebble provides a great backdrop for native features in aquariums and acts as a wonderful dark offset which brings out tropical fishes colors.
  • Triple washed
  • Pure natural gravel
  • Unique to new Zealand

Pisces 22 lb Midnight Pearl Aquarium Gravel, Large best price $26.49 new 2019

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