GloFish Aquarium Environment Gravel, White Frost, 5-Pound Bag, best price $13.45 new 2020

GloFish Aquarium Environment Gravel, White Frost, 5-Pound Bag Photo, best price $13.45 new 2020

GloFish Aquarium Environment Gravel, White Frost, 5-Pound Bag Photo

$13.45 buy now!

GloFish Aquarium Environment Gravel, White Frost, 5-Pound Bag description and characteristics:

GloFish aquarium kits, lighting and décor create an underwater fluorescent wonderland that appeals to all ages and levels of expertise. With our full range of vibrant accessories uniquely designed to work with GloFish LED lighting, you can transform any aquarium into a GloFish environment at the click of a switch. GloFish Aquarium gravel completes your GloFish experience and complements your GloFish. This gravel is specially selected to stand out under the blue lighting in your GloFish aquarium. The white color adds a fun touch to your aquarium floor, letting your plants, decor and fish stand out in beautiful color. Simply add gravel to your aquarium, decorate with GloFish plants and add your GloFish. A combination of fish and accessories let you Experience the Glo today!

Rinse gravel before using. This bag contains 5 pounds of white gravel. Create depth by adding larger amounts in the front of back of your aquarium. Use exclusively or as an accent to other aquarium gravel.
  • White Frost Gravel
  • Enhances and completes your GloFish aquarium environment
  • Fun and unique color
  • 5 pound bag

GloFish Aquarium Environment Gravel, White Frost, 5-Pound Bag best price $13.45 new 2020

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